Culture Hacks - Shape your organization one experiment at a time

Tuesday, May 7
9.00 am -12.00 am

Want to learn and get inspiration from cutting edge teams and how they build progressive work culture? In this hands-on workshop we focus on inspiring work practices which support the cultural transformation within teams and organizations towards an agile mindset and more self-organization.

Pulling from the wisdom of agile, liberating structures, open space technology, management 3.0 and interviews with work place front runners - Line has collected a series of team practices - Culture Hacks.

These Culture Hacks give participants tools to:

  • Revolutionize and hold meetings differently with purpose and engagement

  • Generate ideas through experiencing the beauty of collective inventiveness

  • Adapt self-organizing processes in your team collaboration

  • Tap into the wisdom of the crowd for decision making process

The Culture Hacks are all bite-sized practices which any team can experiment with and through these confidently start shaping their future work place culture. This session will leave participants energized and equipped with concrete ideas to implement back at work.