What does it really mean to be data-driven?

Tuesday, May 7
1.00 pm - 4.00 pm

What will you learn?

You will walk away with actionable steps, which you can immediately implement in your organization to help you towards your goal of becoming data driven.

Why is Kristen Kehrer teaching this workshop?

Kristen has personally lived the growing pains of moving to a cloud-based data warehouse, data governance, and getting stakeholders to agree on consistent metrics across the organization. She has created dashboarding to allow stakeholders self-service to important metrics to create bandwidth for higher-value tasks. 

She’s also designed and analyzed hundreds of A/B tests and built models to predict behaviors and influence targeting, campaigns and drive decision making. The process is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight, but the outcome is beautiful and delivers ROI.

How is the workshop structured?

A combination of group work, presenting ideas/stories, and self reflection.

Who should attend this workshop?

The workshop is ideal for anyone who utilizes data to make decisions in their organization, who want to level up their organizations data strategy or promote internal change on the processes and utilization of data.

Data Driven Hierarchy of Needs:

  • Need data in a form that is accessible.  Not silhoued, and a common understanding of how metrics are calculated across the organization.

  • Dashboards in place - these could be excel.  That’s not the worst thing.

  • A testing plan, proper test design and analysis, only testing hypothesis that you plan to make a decision on. (you are allowed to make strategic decisions).

    • Test scoping handout

  • Data science team has a process. - implementing standups and communicating progress to stakeholders regularly. (early and often).

  • Machine learning/AI to predict behavior and drive strategy



This workshop will not help you decide what specific tools you should use, as this is so personal to each and every organization.  A tool is not a strategy.